13 outubro 2015

Review Ttop 2 Color Plus Violet

Hello! Today I will make a review of the Circle Lens Ttop 2 Color Plus Violet that I won from KlensPop ヽ(;▽;)ノ

It was sent in 02/07/2015, and I received in 20/07/2015. It took 18 days exactly and I was impressed because it was very fast! It was sent together with the Ttop Model Grey.

Name of the lens: Ttop 2 Color Plus Violet
Base curve: 8.6
Diameter: 14mm
Validity: 1 year

Color: 5/5. The color of the lens is a dark violet <3 I loved!

Comfort: 5/5. The lenses is very comfortable. I don’t ever fell then when I was using during the first 8 hours.

Size: 5/5: I like lenses more large, but the size fits perfect with my small eyes 

Personal opinion: I love the lenses, at all is my favorite lens. I love colorful lens and the size makes my eyes look natural, the color draws more attention to my eyes and is awesome <3 


Thank you to read my Review and thanks to KLensPop for sponsoring me these lenses. <3 (^з^)-☆

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